I want to get into this comic. Never read any of them. Are there any graphic novels or collections I should start with that will be easy to find? Thanks.

no help? Come on, I see all the Constantine posts constantly.

the one where he smokes cigarettes and speaks with a funny accent.

so...ummm if I wanted to start at the beginning, where should I look?

The character first appeared in Moore's Swamp Thing, and the first series was written by Jamie Delano.

Wikipedia is your friend.

The collected trades, in order are:

Original Sins

The Devil You Know

Rare Cuts

Dangerous Habits

Fear and Loathing

Tainted Love

....that will get your through the first 71 issues...more or less. Not everything has been collected into trade, and not everything in the trades would be a great, must-read, story....but I think you're best off starting w/ #1 and going from there.

Your local library might have trades available. Or stop into a large chain bookstore (Barnes and Noble, Boarders, etc....) and see what they have.

ok thanks! I'll prob go and look tonight

Look, fuck all that.

If you want the best Constantine stories, pick up "Dangerous Habits" TPB first and then read the rest of the Ennis run.

Your welcome.

nah, ennis stuff is much better if you have read the series from the beginning. constantine actually ages as the book goes on so starting from the beginning is the best option if you want to get the most out of the stories.

I always thought that the defacto John Constantine was his introduction in Swamp Thing #37-51, "American Gothic."

John was a guy who appeared out of nowhere, who knew more about the Swamp Thing than the Swamp Thing knew about himself, dragging his friends though living hell & possibly saved the Universe without anyone knowing. Insanely great story.

That was Alan Moore at his best & the stories in those issues became the foundation of Verdigo.

That used to be a great book.

Call it heresy, but I think Ennis writes John better than Moore.

picked up origial sins today

"Call it heresy, but I think Ennis writes John better than Moore."

Moore, Delano and Ennis all brought something different to their take on him. I also recommend reading them in order.

Overall, I think Constantine has had a pretty good cast of creators that have overseen his work.

It's practically a who's who of the "British Wave" writers, both late 80's and 90's.

In the Swamp Thing series when John Constantine mets up with some of his friends & acquaintances they're always bring up Newcastle stating, "This is not going to be another Newcastle, right?" & that shit would always crack me up & John would always have to defend his actions.

They never explained what happened there but you knew it was something really bad. I liked how it was somewhat of a mystery. I almost wished it was never explained.

My favorite issue ever was the 40th birthday party. It was one of those moments where I thanked my lucky stars that I grew up reading comics.