Hellboy was a great movie!

Imho, only Spiderman2 succeds it as the best comic movie to date.

I love Mike Mignola's artwork.

and I'm going to put this on my new gi:


Agreed. I watched Hellboy this past weekend (the director's cut) and thought the story flowed better with the deleted scenes included.

There's some great extra features on that DVD, too. They did that comic justice!

Hellboy was solid. I'll have to track down the director's cut to see if I like it more.

Just after seeing Hellboy, I got a copy of Hellboy "The Corpse" for 25 cents. BiC, you should track it down. If you like the movie you should love "The Corpse".

Hellboy was awesome. I think Xmen 2 was better than Spiderman 2. Electra will probably suck. (pun intended)

I thought it was average. It had some cool moments like the Cthulu shots and Kronen in the very beginning, though.

Where can you find info on the characters, especially Kroenen. What's his deal ?

Now that you mention it, I've always wanted a red gi..

Whats the major differences (in terms of scenes/story) between the two Hellboy dvds released.

The script is based on "Hellboy: Seed of Destruction" that's collected into a trade paperback.

That should give you a bit more info on the characters in the film.

best scene in the movie: Kroenans' sitting in a chair listening to creepy, outdated German opera ( sounded like from hell soundtrack ) A noise is made from Hellboys new boss,next shot: Kroenan gone from sight.

Hellboy is definitely better than some of the other comic adaptaptions/ crap they've made.

yah i would definitely put Hellboy above many other comic book movies made

Kroenen puts it over the top, i love em!

I was actually pleasantly surprised by Hellboy. I had expected it to suck but I thought it was quite good. I think Ron Pearlman did an excellent job, especially when you consider the fact he had to act through God knows how many hours of make-up work.

That patch is pretty cool looking. I'd wear it on a gi because if anyone was able to recognize it, he probably wouldn't have much in the way of ammunition to call me a geek since...well, he recognized it.

[I was once in a bar with a buddy of mine and we saw this guy walking around with a jacket with a symbol on the back - I took one look at the symbol, looked at my buddy and asked: "Is that the symbol for the Klingon Empire?" My buddy said: "Yeah - it is." We both got a laugh over arguing which was more geeky - the guy wearing the jacket or the fact we both recognized the symbol.]