Hello - best doors song eva

you're welcome if you're taste was misinformed 



And I prefer Riders on the Storm.

Wiggy - *your

And I prefer Riders on the Storm.

lolz... nice. I'll be back to hurt you later...

because your so wrong 


it’s this or Peace Frog...maybe Hayacinth House.. 

soul kitchen was the right answer anyway

gimme a Pepsi

Yeah no, sophisticated music fans know it is L.A. Woman.

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Peace Frog

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I’ll take The End.
Then Risers of the Storm.
Then Break on Through.
Then Crystal Ship.

Hello barely makes the top ten

I don’t remember you saying this in 2010

I like them but they’re highly overrated.

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Peace Frog
Love Me Two Times a strong second

Well, if you become a Doors fan. Love Her Madly is the only song of theirs you won’t like.