Hello Canada

Just wanted to say hello to all in Canada!

I dont get on the forums much anymore but I just wanted to say when I went to Montreal in september I was treated with class.

I got to meet some cool people while I was there

Nathan and Scott managers of Mighty Mouse Ivan Menjivar who I think are pure classy people.

The Crow AKA 50 cent, Joe Dorksen, Big Lance Cartwright, And the man Alex from Apex! Thank you Alex for looking out for me I look forward to the day I invade the ring of Apex..



It was great to have you up here and I'm glad you had a good time! I still don't know how you and Mark got to the airport... :)

I'll send you an email to see what you've been up to and how the wedding plans are going. :)

I heard Barnone got Koed in Calgary by a forum member

Hey Bar None!! Great meeting you as well. We had some great laughs!! Please keep in touch.

Never been to Calgary in my life but if it is anything like Montreal then it will all be good. :) Actually I got KO'D by a forum member in Hawaii she beat me down haha.

Nathan I just got back online and all is going well. I will be in touch ROTR might be my return in January VS a huge name :)

Alex AKA THE GODFATHER!!! :) All is well with wedding plans you must come down for it my friend. And as I said I look forward to working with you in the future!!!

Everyone im out its time to go train again today If I dont my wife will beat me haha.

What's up - it's Big Diesel. I apologize about florida but life took over and I had to deal with it..........anyway, I am going to be moving to Vernon, BC to train and teach Muay Thai. If you are ever up that way you know you always have a home.


barnoneguerra rocks...class dude and funny as hell.

Big Jeff,

Thanks man your a great guy and you will always have a friend in me brother. I got something I must mail out to you. Email me barnonecombat@yahoo.com.

Showdown Joe you guys are all class and rock brother!


Send me some mail! :) We made our flights with 30 minutes to go lol. We took a cab but he drove very fast thank god. lol