Hello Everyone

I'm new to the ProGround and just wanted to introduce myself and say hello!

take care everyone!!!



Howdy Do!

Thank You!

I almost missed this thread there are so many.......

Welcome FiteSeeker, don't get lost here! :)

Thanks Momita. When I got my blue name I couldn't sit still. :) Not sure if it was worth a thread but I was excited!

have you learned how to post pics?

Not yet. I have been a little hesitant to ask. It sucks being a rookie lol :)

See? Alot of great people here willing to help! Just remember to keep a sense of humor when reading what someone says, sometimes a post might sound mean when it wasn't meant that way.

Believe me, they'll let you know when it was intended, LOL.

I'm a rookie too. :)

thx for the info, here is my first try

didn't work DOH!

LOL, I messed up alot before I got the hang of it, keep trying!

at least i got a red x this time lol thanks for bearing with me everyone :)

do this.....(img src=put the website address in here)but remember to exchange ( for < try to put this pic up for me;http://www.adobe.com/education/images/winners/ito/poop-them-out.gifjust add what we showed you to the beginning, then the other > to the end.hope I'm not confusing you....

Thanks for your help Momita it worked!! I was adding quotation marks around the web address. Thanks again :)

Glad it worked, now just think of all the pics you can post!!! LOL Have fun! :)

Now you have to post hotties or you will be banned. No really. (ok, I'm just kidding)

the pic was up for a while then it turned into a red x