Hello from Kuwait

Just to let you warriors know that I'm at Camp Virginia in Kuwait, soon departing to Taji in Irak. I,m doing fine and Thank You for all Your prayers!!!

You are missed MUCHO bro !! Let us know quickly how we can correspond with you. ANYTHING you need you can count on HARTFORD DOJO. Funny thing happened today, those blue kimono's you were waiting for finally came in. I will do my best to get it out to you when I get your address. Best regards to you and your Company. Watch your 6 !!!!!

Good luck Latino.....Stay Alert and definately stay ALIVE!!!!!!! SGT Goss......

Hey Rick!!!! I'm at Taji, Irak, tonight (14th. Dec) we are going to Al Kasik, let you know of the address as soon as I get it!!! Thank You for all your help and the good wishhes from the underground, wish I was back training, but guys train hard because I'm learning the new Iraki Ju-Jutsu, I'll be whooping ASS (so what's new) :)

We had 3 of our guys ( Nate,Brendon,Jimmy) enter the New England Grappling Championship when it was held in Middletown(NAGA). We took 5 medals. 3 gold 2 silver. I just got out of the hospital last month from a ruptured bowel,VERY SCARY. Currently have a very sore toe, a black eye, and a sore elbow. Your blue gi is waiting for an address and I also have one for Jorgito. God willing we can get him on the mat soon. I will have to get a hold of his mom. Watch yourself when you return, he will take your back and choke ya, Ha!
Im happy to hear from you!
Take care bro,watch your 6!!
We are Very Proud of You!!!!

Listen for Jorgito call his mother @ 247-3600 (w) or 888-5840 (cp) my address over here is

CPT Jorge L. Rodriguez

98th, Div. FA TRAC

CMATT 5th. Bde. KMTB

APO, AE 09392

Who won gold and who won silver?? Congratulations!!!
Hey, I'm posting here because they erased my thread about Pat Dillman an the Ranger's "Fiasco", despues que lo matan ahora lo niegan pero es la verdadera historia. Los moderadores de este ground son Rangers y me borraron el thread....COBARDES!!!
Thank You for Everything and I'll see you soon!!!

God bless you bro. I will be sending you out some stuff tomorrow. Brendan took gold in the teenage div, Jimmy took Gold in adults and masters division.Silver was for no gi division. GREAT to hear from you.
Watch your 6 !!!

Whats up Bro its John Laz- hope your doing well and stay safe Bro- come back soon so we can ROLLLLLLLLLL much respect!!!

HOOA!!! Rock and Roll BRO!!! Old but still KICKING!!