Hello from Kuwait

Just to let you "sinners" know that I'm close to hell but I'm doing fine. My Army paid vacation are wonderful, soon I'll be moving up to Irak!! Thank you for all your prayers!!

Take care!

I will, thank you!!! ;)


where are you at over there?

i was on ali al salem air base back in '98.

sucked then, im sure it does now too.

Stay as safe as you can, and come back soon.

the rev

Keep your eyes on the Lord.May He bring you through this safely.

Thank you all. I'm at Camp virginia soon going to Taji and then I will move to Al Kasik, close to the border with Turkey...COLD!!!!!
I've been reading Psalm 91 it's very calming and gives me strenght, funny it was recommended by my ex-wife...hehehe

Stay safe Jorge, you're in my prayers!

You will be in my prayers.

Stay strong.Keep your eyes on the Lord.Thank you btw.