Hello from London, England

Hi ya'll

Just a quick hello from England, Dr. Cobb and I got here
yesterday...jetlag is a blast!

We got in, slept then trained then went out, up ealry this am,
trying to break the jetlag, ealry am workouts, then worked on
the course most of the day.

Class starts tomorrow, sponsored by Met. Police in London.
big class 24, including a dozen from around the UK.

To-date over 40 Constabulary's have been trained in the
SPEAR System...

The train keeps a rolliin.

Check in later,


Hey Guys,

Good to hear from you. Good luck with the session, I'm sure you will have a good training session.


Danny Evans


Hope the classes are going well. I'm glad Eric was able to go with you for this adventure.

Have a good safe trip.

Look forward to hearing about your sessions when you return.

Take Care,


We're back safe & sound, great class, diverse group of Met. Police,
trainers from around the UK including Ireland and some SF reps


What a great course this was. Tony was at his scintillating best, even jet-lagged! The group of trainers and operators were also fantastic - great energy and interest in all the material.