Hello from Wes Sims/Brazil

Wes told me to tell everyone he is training hard in Brazil.

tick tock tick tock

cool, thats the right strategy. hopefully mark is there two geting some Nogiera defense.

BJJ right? Not Capoeira I hope =P

Wixom is correct.

Who is he training with?

appearantly there is no good bjj training in the usa :).

he's over there kicking palm trees so his legs are desensitized so when he flips out and kicks the Octagon fence after his next loss to Mir it will look more devistating, and working on triceps to toss his mouthpiece even further next time.

one month until Sims shuts up the Mir fans here once and for all-I can't wait!!!

Ask Wes who is handing out his flyers in Ohio?


im rooting 4 sims

saulcy shhhhhhhh :)

hope he's studying hard. frank will definitely be ready.

Hey Barnone, where is Wes training here in Brazil?

Wes is studying under the "Death Touch" guy, this is a highly regarded secret...hahaha

In all seriousness I hope Wes fucks up Mir

Barnone, you coming into NO for the Aconas Gym events?

>>kinda like how we can care less that your from South Carolina ; ^ ) <

barnone...i know you have a crew that can get those flyers around town.. :)

In fact, don't you need some more to distribute!!!

Of course there are great bjj guys in brazil but is wes training with any that are 250?

Brazil is closer then I thought....

Hopefully it wont matter and Frank will hurt him bad.

Hopefully he's studying how to control tard strength and fight by the rules. BTW...Brasilian girls rule!