Hello S&C forum

As you may or may not know, Ryno and i have been collaborating for some time on a variety of projects related to strength and conditioning. Although we have very different methods, we both have the same goal of improving athletics for everyone.

So, we have been pooling our efforts and thoughts lately and have come up with the website:


We made it in house, and everyone who contributes does so for free. This lends itself to high quality, free information, and extremely cheap services.

There are 4 articles up for this month and the authors are as follows (in no order):

Dorian Dreher (XenNova)

Chad Hamzeh

Robert Verdell (Nowaydo)

Doug Dupont (Vermonter, me)

There is also a calisthenic workout up that i wrote. There will be added workouts and excersises within a few weeks, and the next issue of the mag coming soon.

Currently, there is online personal training available with a price tag that can drop lower then $10 per week (unlimited correspondance), and points are awarded for referrals that equal free stuff. You don't need to be training with us to collect referal points. Right now the best way to get training is to email me at doug@limitstrength.com but within the month there will be paypal buttons up on the website.

Ryan and I, and those who contribute with us, are dedicated to making sure that the information and products you get are fresh, updated frequently, and dirt cheap if not free. The site is a little empty right now, but it's going to quickly become one of the most vast resources available on the internet, with topics from every corner of the s&c world.

Soon there will be bumper stickers, and shirts up as well.

Please help us too, by telling your friends, or the people you train with. We would love to get the word out.

Hope you enjoy for years to come, and let us know what you think, and if you want to contribute :)


Cool website!

This thread is correct :|

Cool deal :) i'll have an article up soon I guess... Doug threatened to break my legs if I didn't.


Great site so far. A little off topic, but XenNova I noticed you go to USC. How is that? I applied there and am thinking about going.

Yea I happened to get accepted. Going for my Masters in computer science, so hoping to get some work done. Hopefully won't party as much as I did these last four years, but I'd like to know that there is something to do when I'm bored. Then again it is LA. But whats around campus? I know LA's traffic is horrendous.

Good job, guys.


Anyone can submit an article if they'd like. Unless the article is titled "How to isolate your lower bicep" it is likely to be submitted ;)

Additionally, we are looking for workouts and exercises and lots and lots of pictures.

When the shirts and stickers arrive i'm going to try to sell them somewhere around cost too, i'll keep everyone updated on that.

Thanks for the kind words guys, and thanks to everyone that helped out with the site, and who is continuing to help out. Ryno in particular who made the whole damn thing. He'll be having articles up soon, which i know everyone wants to see. Also, Wiggy, Taku, and now Jonwell should have articles up within the next few issues.

Frequent contributors will get first dibs. :)



Hope you guys have good luck w/ the site. Knowledgeable people are always needed in any area.

Good job guys.

Hope you guys have good luck with the site.


Thanks everyone that has gone to look. TTT