Hellofresh meals.

i know it wasn’t. you’re very good natured.

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Fuckin hilarious :joy:

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I still got my box today. And the 9.99 refund for shipping. Lmao WAT

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Lol stupid right?

Retarded hipsters

Own this company

Sad Its Over GIF by Star Wars

I think a subscription like this might work if it’s just you and another person (husband/wife) but for a full household, it wouldn’t be enough. We have a family of 5 here and to get enough food to feed everyone here and make them full, we’d have to spend a lot. I also like to see the food I’m getting (especially the meat) because I only get food from certain places, so I know the quality.

Even for 2 people if you are paying normal rate it can get pricey. Just set up a free 5 box delivery. $9.99 for shipping.

I wouldn’t pay full price for this for an extended period but cheap easy dinners esp when trying to stock as much was possible. They basically invite you to cheat the system.

@JiuJitsuHeyZeus, will I need to keep a subscription to one for at least a month to have free boxes to send to my fiance? She had 5 but is down to one so we’re just going to go back and forth with the free box gifts.

HBO has better dual account recognition. Honestly it’s crazy to think a “tech company” can be this inept.