Help a fellow UGer thru kidney failure

Fuckin shame scumbags drove away good peeps that would donate to OP


Donated, pal. I got your back. PM me if you wanna talk


feel better bro. don’t stress. that’s what’ll get you.

I donated


Still a lot of solid ass guys here for sure.


yeah we’re chipping in. the thing with medical bills though is you don’t have to pay them.


Solid. Thick. Tight. Guys


Just donated and wish you the best Scott.

I used to be very cautious with gofundmes in here before, but id rather donate to a scammer than missing to support a OG bro in need.


Good luck Scott. I donated $50.
I wish I had more!


So. Who’s donating their kidney?

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C’mon guys. $920? I KNOW we can do better than that! Help a fellow perv out, wouldya?

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I wish you nothing but the best. For your sake, skip the damn medical bills, your credit has already taken the hit, there is nothing else they can do to you other than collections. Since you likely need the money for living expences just let them do that. In the end if they harass you too much just declare bankruptcy and be done with them. I wouldn’t normally advise that route, but this is no normal situation, do what you need to do to take care of you and yours and to hell with the medical bills. Best wishes.


I was just going to say this. Only bills over 500.00 appear on your credit report now, and generally it takes about 18 months for the bigger ones to appear. Have you thought appear a Chapter 7 BK? I had to do one after my initial colon cancer diagnosis and surgery because I had shit insurance and wasn’t on my wifes plan.

Just wanted to point this out in case you didn’t know OP…good luck.


Also, nobody cares about medical debt. Unfortunately, bankruptcies do have implications regardless of the circumstances but they are very easy to bounce back from.

Hang in there, Bud. The Duke boys always found a way to make it.


I tried my best to stay out of this thread but holy shit man stop this stuff. You fucking cheerleaders are the worst part of this community. Worse than the scammers, worse than the boo hoo gofundme-ers. You are why people fall victim to these things, trying to rally people up and guilt trip them into donating to nonsense.

What he have here is a 40+ oger that has a chronic health issue. Despite this, he decided to move away from where his insurance was valid to be closer to his fiance. Retarded? Yes, absolutely. Like, dumber than most things I’ve read on the OG. OP you are a fucking retard.

And now, instead of going to friends and family or just decaring bankruptcy and handling it like a man, OP is here on the OG like a long line of pathetic adults before him.

$20k OP? Seriously? At your age you don’t have a rainy day fund? Fuck me this place never ceases to amaze me.

Note to others: if you are in a job that pays insurance for your chronic health issue, do NOT leave said job/insurance before you have already started one to pick it up. ANY break in insurance for a situation like that (in reality, any situation, you never want to be without health insurance) is beyond retarded.

OP you deserve 0 dollars, like 99% of these pathetic gofundmes. Try to work for a living, have an actual career (read: not pest control) at your age and not leech off of strangers.

Oh how pathetic this place becomes sometimes.


It’s kinda hard to argue…

I don’t agree with all of it but the point is valid

I’ve been burned even in my decade of lurking

I Guess If You Say So GIF


Harsh, but 100% accurate.


There is no such thing as debtors prison anymore!

Why the hell would you pay medical bills? Illegals dont and I dont either!!



And all the usual fake Christians come on board. This board has changed a lot. I remember comicon being the one over the top conservative, but now he’s the reasonable one. Everyone else parting qspun conspiracies.

Jesus didnt pay bills either.

Down with money lenders!