Help a pro fighter out by voting

I'm primarily a lurker on here as evidenced by my sign up date with little posts. I came across this story on my Facebook page and figured the best MMA site in the world could help a solid pro fighter by voting for him and his wife. I only know Joel Roberts from training with him one time about 3 years ago but felt compelled to try and get him and his wife the amount of votes to win this important life changing opportunity.

Long story short, pro fighter Joel Roberts (7-3) and his wife are having trouble with fertility. Check out their story at the link below and vote for them to win an IVF procedure which gives them the best chance to become pregnant and have a child.

Link here vote Mary and Joel

Link here their blog spot story:

If these links didn't post I would appreciate it if someone would link them on here.

MMA fans are the best around so lets try and make someone's dream possibly come true by simply going to this site and voting. Couldn't ask for a better Christmas present.

Thanks and happy holidays,


Is it wrong that I want to offer another way to help her get pregnant?

I voted for them, that's kind of a weird way to give away an IVF... strange concept. But I hope they get it nonetheless.

Ya i agree, but apparently the procedure is like 30K a pop.



TTT and somebody ruin the life of the people being assholes and saying insured thngs on the page.... After you vote BTW Phone Post

Edit** someone ruin the lives of people saying shitty things Phone Post