Help an Aussie plan his 4th trip to the


Delete please

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Mr Muay Thai how about you get a job and provide for your kids instead of traveling like some gypsy on welfare for once in your life

The wife got cancer 2 years ago. We cant have them

Well, this got real pretty quick!


Hope the best for you and your wife, OP!!


Have fun wherever you’re going!!!

Can I still fingerblast your anus?

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All good boss. That is why we are fortunate enough to travel so much

Got damn it Mods!!

Delete this shit, per OP’s request!!

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How is your wife doing now

She is 100% mate, unfortunately she had to have a hysterectomy to guarantee that it would not return. 

We had a a horror run though. I lost my dad to cancer, her's to a stroke, and my brother had his stomach removed due to cancer, along with her diagnosis all with in 1.5 years. 

I'm not religious, but i clearly pissed someone off up there hahaha


Now 6 late periods is being nice to OP, not wanting to fight him!


Is this real life??


Mods please!! This is just redickyourlaces!!

I like this nice version of 6

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I like this nice version of 6

My man Percy!!

Yeah, I always knew he was a good guy!


He just kinda want’s to fight everyone all the time so such lately!

Melvin! He's just misunderstood but has a heart of gold.


Please don’t delete this....

... it’s really beautiful in here!!

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Melvin! He's just misunderstood but has a heart of gold.

I’m just understanding this right meow!!


This thread is literally amazing!!!!!!

I feel like I missed something important between people I’ve never noticed before 

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Nefarious are you still sober

Sadly, no!!

I haven’t been in a long while.  :(


ouch, this one hurts!!

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You’d do well not to notice me livewire you’ve been pissing me off



Edit: You cut me badly!! You stay away from me!!

Whoever you are, I find you fucking hilarious!!

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How much do you drink nef

Too much!!

You’ve obviously seen the thread!!


I knew you guys would come out the woodworks for me for posting some real life shit!!

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I’m not going to bug you about it. I was honestly curious. I had to cut back too 

I’ve cut back from 1 litter+ to 350 ml or less a night!

I’m trying, doing the best I can!!


If I didn’t have kids, I’d open my gun safe and just finish this!!!


I have two boys, it’s not an option for me!!!

A liter of what? I wish all of you the best in managing your afflictions. Been there, done that and it's fucking hard.