HELP!!betting sites for PRIDE??

In a week I will watch my very first live Pride broadcast and I want to add to my excitement with some old fashioned gambling. Zuluzinho by knockout should pay good.... BUT i just can't find any betting sites that actually has pride on the list. I found a couple that let you bet on ufc 60 but only the hughes gracie fight? Can anyone tip me about a site that lets me bet on the total elimination may 7th? And also other mma events?

Thanks in advance



They'll probably get released tomorrow or Thursday.

"Zuluzinho by knockout should pay good"

Losing bets tend not to pay that well.

They only release the odds a couple of days before the event? Thats fine. But which sites should I go to? Are there any gamblers around that can recommend their favourite page?

Losing bets are bad business but ZZ has the famous "punchers chance" and should pay at least 3 to 1. I'll drop in 5 euros on that just for the excitement.

Too bad Ice Cold isn't in it.... will have them today or tomorrow, says joey on the betting forum...

There is a BETTING forum? Excellent...

I've only ever used Sportsbook and Ive never won an online bet so I couldn't tell you how the payouts work.

They are up on along with odds to win the GP. Not sure if they are up anywhere else yet but Im sure they will be soon.