HELP??!!?? BIOS Upgrade gone wrong

I was trying to upgrade the BIOS on my PC (Award 4.51) and it all went wrong.

Now the PC won't boot, it just beeps 3 times and does nothing else

Please tell me there's a solution


check your motherboard manual- does your board have a backup BIOS you can switch to?

if it doesn't, you may or may not be fucked.

if it just changed settings in your BIOS but hadn't installed or erased anything yet, there may be a way to fix it.

if the BIOS update failed in the middle, you are fucked and you have to either send the mobo back to the manufacturer (if under warranty and manufacturer allows it), or buy a new BIOS, take the old one out and install, or find someone to reflash the BIOS.

Thanks Rob, I'll check all that this evening


There is a program out there called bioskiller or something like that. It resets the bios back to defaults. I will see if I can find a link.

I have it somewhere on some HD I have but I don't know excatly where.

droc, try this:

pull out your RAM and re-seat it. now restart your computer.

lelo, tried that and no joy

I also tried removing all peripherals and booting to a floppy with an autoexec.bat that runs awdflash.exe

It accessed the floppy then kinda stayed there without doing anything for an hour.



Is this what you're talking about???

Looks more like a crap virus than a bios fix

ORIGIN: France

W97M/Bioskiller is a Word 97 macro virus which claims to activate on the 26th of every month and to overwrite the contents of the Flash BIOS chip of the machine.

However, due to serious design flaws and bugs, it only attempts to overwrite the CMOS memory and even this fails.

When first executed, the virus exports its code in two files on the hard disk: C:\BK.sys (contains BiosKiller macro code) and C:\APVBK.sys (contains BiosKiller1 macro code). After that it uses AddFromFile and Insert commands to insert its code to Global template.

Virus replaces several Word menu entries with macros that simply display a messagebox.

The virus uses an old macro stealth technic to hide the Tools/Macro/Visual Basic Editor menu. This way the user does not see the macro virus code.

If the user chooses menu Help/About, the virus will replace the 5th entry in Help menu with this text: "A propos du Virus BiosKiller".

The payload of the virus consists of two parts.

1. When the minutes or the seconds are 26, the virus displays a message in French (see below)

2. If the date is the 26th of any month the virus will show another French message (see below)

After that the virus drops a small Basic program to root directory of drive C: (C:\CMOS.BAS) and runs it with QBASIC shell. This Basic program claims it can erase Flash Bios, but actually it was created to erase CMOS memory only by writing its own ASCII code to CMOS storage area. There are several fatal errors in the program and CMOS memory will never be overwritten, instead the QBASIC shell will report an error and program execution will be terminated.

After this the virus exits Word.

The virus contains several French texts, which are translated here to English:

Vous feriez mieux de vous acheter un AV...Virus BiosKiller
You'd better buy you an AV tool... Virus BiosKiller

A propos du Virus BiosKiller
About the Virus BiosKiller

Vous connaissez le virus CIH ?
Je fais la même chose que lui..."

Do you know the virus CIH?
I do the same thing...

Votre Bios va subir des changements... HAHA
Your Bios is going to be modified......HAHA

Votre Bios a ete flashe, HAHA!!!
Your Bios has been flashed, HAHA!!!

Je vais redémarrer votre ordinateur...
I am going to reboot your PC...

Je suis un virus comme CIH...
I am a virus like CIH...

[K. Tocheva, A. Podrezov, K. Viros & M. Hypponen, F-Secure]


No. I am having a little trouble finding what the hell I was talking about though.

But by God, I will find it.

OK, thanks


I can't for the life of me find this freaking thing.

I think you are going to have to go with what Rob suggested.

I will keep looking though.

not to worry man, thanks for the help
I've tried recovering it but it's not happening, looks like I have to buy a new bios chip


Don't by the new chip. Getting a new bios chip from the motherboard manufacturer will cost you more as someobody there will have to either flash it with a generic bios or the proper bios. The labor time makes it not worth it to them unless they charge you about 60 bucks as they rarely have a bunch of those chips just lying around.

The possibility of you finding one decreases exponentially as very few motherboards are produced for long runs.

Ponyboy is probably right.

it might be cheaper just to buy a new mobo.