help budovideos down no play by

what i do

The stream is still working for me

not for me.

seems like it is dropping off here and there

what are the results or anyone have a play by play or even a match results link

what happend in light black division?

thanks gusto

i have all those links saved and i been looking all over

two years ago before a stream people were play by play everywhere

Damn, my stream just died.  Jinxed myself. 

Lucas Leite just won his match

are they gonna have on demand replay?

can't get on. sucks.

id like to just see a results page

player a def player b via armbar

hopefully someone is getting it and will upload the matches to a player

I think he said replays for finals and interviews only.

 this sucks i cant get on at all

Kayron wins by choke

this is what happened to me for the abu dhabi pro cup qualifier in brazil. couldn't watch it at all.

Results/play by play.  Just have to keep refreshing it

 Thanks, man this is shitty i was so pumped to watch this

how do we get back on?

thank you!!!!!!!!1

Np guys. I'm not back on yet either.  Just trying to refresh the page over and over again until it lets me back in but so far no luck.

Kron lost to abmar

 you can go to and get the play by play without refreshing

 Kron just lost