help!! computer keeps crashing!!

Hi, first off, I know very little about computer.

Anyways, whenever I run what seems like a program that seems pretty process intensive(nero vision to convert files and dvdshrink to shrink files) my computer completely shuts off after a few minutes. I'm running Windows XP with 512 meg RAM and about a 250 gig HD. When I purchased the computer my friend partitioned the HD and I have a C drive(25 gigs) and an E drive(225 gigs). My E drive(which has all the shit I download) still has about 30 gigs free, but my C drive(with all the programs)has less than 300 megs on it. I'm getting low disk space warnings. Could the low space be the problem???

Also, when I go to Windows Explorer to look at the contents of my C drive and add up the amount of gigs seems like less than 4 gigs. I don't know how the other 21 gigs have been used.

I've run a defrag on both partitions and adaware.

I can still burn dvds, play poker and watch stuff online. It just seems to crash when I've run those 2 processes above(so far just those 2). As recent as a month or 2 back everything was fine. Also, the system restore feature only allows me to go back about a week so that won't help.

Any help is appreciated...thanks

hi mental,

If you want to see a visual representation of your drive contents, I would suggest SpaceMonger 1.4.0

you can download it here:

It will help you account for what is taking up your drive space.

You might also want to try out Ccleaner:

Will help get rid of old temp files, caches, and other non-essential stuff.

As for the crashing, you might want to have a look at your system log and see if there is an event that coincides with the crash.

Since you have a partitioned drive already, perhaps a format of C and fresh windows install might be something to thing about as well.

Okay, I briefly read teh first post (in a bit of a hurry), my first guess would be to clean out your C drive, chances are you need more then 300MB free on it. When you start getting to free space that small on your C drive weird stuff starts happening with your computer. In fact if you fill it too much more it probably wont be able to make the swap space on there and thus stop booting up...I don't know if they've fixed that with WinXP but I've had to fix Win2k computers with that problem.

Besides that, my next guess would be heat issues. But first i would clean out the C drive to free up some space

thanks a lot guys!!

I used Ccleaner and it gave me back 16 gigs of disk space :)

I'll try running my nero vision and dvdshrink tomorrow and pray that they work.

and buy 1 gb more ram.


Everything is working perfect now!!!!

Thanks a lot jack and sicko!

This might help next time it crashes.