Here's the deal:

The Soul Assassin is one of my favorite fighters to watch. And like most of you, I'm sure, the fact he keeps getting injured training before fights totally blows.

Just recently, under perfectly normal and healthly conditions, Rodney Corn has left his role at NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) to pursue other avenues. I'm proud to call Rodney one of my mentors, and anyone who legitimately knows the fitness industry knows who he is, as Rodney's leadership (along that of Dr. Michael Clark, et al) transformed NASM into the highly-acclaimed certifying body it is today. It also happens to turn out that he resides in Northern California, near Sacramento, and yesterday I finally ended up putting two and two together...

Dave and Rodney have very common interests: Dave, to stay healthy and fight; Rodney, to keep individuals healthy and performing at their potential. I talked with Rodney about working with Terrell, in particular (even sent him his bio, etc), and he expressed interest working with him. I'd introduce them personally but it turns out I don't happen to know Terrell....

Could anyone who's friends with, or happens to train with Dave please pass on the notion of working with Rodney, so at least he can consider it? I remember napalm442003 (?) mentioning Terrell does NOT have a S & C coach (i.e. he trains himself) and that he also has a nasty habit of overtraining. In other words, his injuries are happening for a reason. Again, Rodney is not just some scrub at 24 Hr Fitness, he is the best there is.

So guys please ttt this is you want to see Dave healthy and fighting again :)



Kmonk I promise you this is not a troll job (lol) nor am I a broker. My only interests are to give back to someone I've learned so much from (Rodney) and to see Dave in the best training situation possible. I realize pretty much no one here knows Rodney but all you nerds know Terrell, aside from a handful of TUF 5 noobs...

^ racialist IMO

Rodney discussing proper Russian Deadlift form (from the NASM instructional videos):

Not quite sure if Dave is interested, but ttt for a kind hearted fan.

btw, I have trained at NCFA in the past and I will be the first to say it was tough as fuck. I would not be shocked to learn that some overtraining happens at that camp. Those guys were animals up there.


Thanks for the ttt's guys. Dan I bet it is pretty rugged up there!

ttt. Dave Terrell is the friggin' man.

Dan,when did you train up here?


Hi Napalm,

This was back a few years. Not sure if you remember me, but I remember you. Last time we saw eachother, I was walking out of the bathroom at the mgm grand as you were walking out, it was at Dave's fight with Lindland.

I think I was the laughing stock for a while after coming to one of the stand-up nights with Rosendo for my first ever class at NCFA. I had no idea what I was walking into that night...

I only had a couple of months to train there before re-locating to LA, but it was a great time and a great place to be introduced to Jiu-Jitsu.

I've kept training ever since, but I have yet to go through anything as hellish as that first night with you guys!

Best to you all.

What about the other Dave Terrell?

TTT!! I want nothing more than to see Terrell back in UFC.

Terrell is a definite wildcard at 185. There's not a person out there he doesn't have a good chance against.

Terrell needs to be confined to a plastic ball before his fights in order to ensure he doesn't get sick / injured.


Dan,yeah there is a reason we call rosendo "SATAN"..he is still as bad if
not is good your still training..yeah i keep hearing we do things
a little different in these parts..i have yet to find a school to match our

napalm442003 would you mind mentioning this to Dave? Although he expressed interest in training Dave individually (as he will work with certain pro athletes) Rodney primarily works more as a S & C consultant to larger organizations. That would be another consideration, and I'm sure having him offer some suggestions for the camp as a whole would prove extremely beneficial, without really changing it's true nature.