Help design Call of Duty Civil War!

Okay, I've consolidated the list of suggestions from this thread into this post, and voted up the contributors!

Dysentery Pro - Reduced susceptibility to biological infection
Take Cover - Allows you to hide behind something
Dual Wield - Duel wield revolvers
Medic Sleight of Hand - Amputate limbs faster to get troops back in action
Med Kit - A flask of whiskey for pain
Last Man Standing - Gives mortally wounded players 10 seconds to have limb aputated and return to action
Letters From Home - Boosts morale, faster running
Break Formation - Frees you from walking in a straight line
Infection Bullet - Delayed reaction poisoning
Reload Pro - Fire up to 5 rounds per minute
Clean Water - Regenerates health faster on non-hardcore mode
Powder Horn - Increased Ammo and musket balls
Clean Powder Pro - Stops misfires and failure to fire
Marksman - Reduces musket ball dispersion down to 10 yard drift at 50 yard range
Rum Ration - Resistance to damage increased by 50%, ranged and melee accuracy reduced by 50%
Gatling Gun
Native American Death Squad
Mortar Bombardment
Small Pox
Hawk Eyes
Armored Ned Kelley Juggernaut Suit
Riverboat Cannon Bombardment
Hot Air Balloon Gunner
Winans Steam Gun
Hot Air Balloon Care Package - May include new boots (faster running)
Hot Aire Balloon Surveillance
Poison the Watering Hole
Freeman Squadmate - Activate by reading freedom papers to him, increases motivation
Slave Squadmate - Activate by beating, increases motivation
Alligator French Submarine
Mounted Combat - Allows timed attack from horseback
French Allies
Undermining - Detonates several large black powder explosions underground, blowing up entire map
Fleas - Rats run through enemy ranks, releasing annoying fleas. Scratching temporarily impairs abilit to operate weapons or machinary
Sharps Rifle
Rifled barrel
Hanging Lantern
Bear Trap
Officer's Sword - follows first prestige
Elgin Bladed Pistols
Bowie Throwing Knife
Kethcum Hand Grenades
Sapper's Powder Keg
Pit Fall trap
Oiled ground trap
Rock fall trap
Open Field
Andersonville Prison
Monitor and Merrimack
Fort Sumter
Appomattix Court House
Firing Line
Cannon Crew/Artillery
Sharp Shooters/Scouts
Flat Grey
Wood Stain
Blue Eyes and bushy mustache
Blue Eyes and long mustache
Blue Eyes and mutton chops
Blue Eyes and unkept beard
Blue Eyes and long unkept beard
Black Guy
Environmental strike, triggered by claiming the bell on the Map, Battle of Tamarack Hill. Shipment of S'mores Schnapps arrives allowing automatic victory for North Team
Cullen Bohannon character unlock

Revolvers were common in the civil war. Phone Post 3.0

Total available weapons

-sidearm Phone Post 3.0

PUBLICnoose - Revolvers were common in the civil war. Phone Post 3.0
Not till you prestige Phone Post 3.0

Kill streak - Gatling gun

Kill streak - Native American death squad

Kill Streak - mortar bombardment

Kill streak - small pox Phone Post 3.0

Secondary Weapon

-Bear Trap

Kill Streak

-Hawk Eyes


"Props to OGer Mikusoraiden for getting this ball rolling in the Advanced Warfare Multiplayer thread"...though Miku added the first perks, I have to toot my own horn on this, as it was my idea because all these new CODs are too difficult for my old ass. I fully endorse this thread.

VU! Wasn't aware Phone Post 3.0

Sogsteel - Secondary Weapon

-Bear Trap

Kill Streak

-Hawk Eyes

Bear trap! Awesome idea Phone Post 3.0

tomahawks and bowie throwin knives

ned kelley style armored juggernaut suit killstreak

instead of mortars a riverboat with a bunch of double barrel cannons shooting the battlefield

hot air ballon gunner

Winans steam gun killstreak

ketchum hand grenades

and of course, a hot air ballon care package "poisoning the watering hole"

and cullen bohannon has to be a secret character

Legit LOL@ hot air balloon gunner Phone Post 3.0

Map: open field
Game type: firing line Phone Post 3.0

slo ko - Legit LOL@ hot air balloon gunner Phone Post 3.0

our dreams can become a historical reality

Map - Andersonville Prison
Map - Monitor and Merrimack
Map - Fort Sumter
Map - Appomattix Court House

Map - Gettysburg

Perk - Break Formation ( frees you from walking in a straight line towards enemy fire) Phone Post 3.0

Perk: infection bullet

shoot someone with it and they die randomly days later.

^maybe that would be better as a care package dropped weapon.

elgin bladed pistols for run n gun and quick melee

gotta fix this though
hot air balloon grape shot gunner

Secondary Weapon - Sapper's powder keg or dynamite Phone Post 3.0