Help diagnose my Cougar please!!

Ok, so I have a 99 Mercury Cougar and the other day I was on my way to work when something bad happened. I was in 5th gear when I was getting off the interstate. I shifted in to neutral to come to a stop when the car died. So I restarted it and shifted into first. The shift knob was super lose and wobly, it didnt even feel like i put it into gear, but I knew I had. SO i let off the cluth and onto the gas and the car wouldnt go. I had no momentum. I had to damn near floor the gas to get upto about 10 MPH to get through the stoplight and to moy work which was about a block away. After I got over the hill, I just let it cruise into my work parking lot cause I didnt want to hurt the car more by pressing on the gas. I get to work and get out of the car and it smelled terrible; like burning plastic. I got back in the car restarted it again and put it into reverse to see if anything was different. After flooring the gas again the car went forward even though i put the shifter in reverse!! Whats wrong with my car??

Whatever it is, it's going to be expensive.

Damn it. Thats what I was afraid of...


sounds like clutch or transmission.

Yep clutch or tranny is fucked!

I'm gonna go cry now...

Ok, so I have a 99 Mercury Cougar...

Found the problem!

j/k ;)

lol. not too far from the truth! Damn Fords. I shouldve stuck with the Chevys...

99 mercury cougar is 99% mazda.

Actually it's more ford than the ford probe that preceded it was.

The entire engine management system on a ford probe is mazda while on the cougar it's all ford.