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why as a loyal pirate fan i can only hope the chubbies curse continues and will some day help my buccos

GO 'STROS!!!!!!!!!!!


How many World Series games have the Astros won?

None in the last 42 years. Same as the Cubs :)

My point exactly. And with your old ass team I don't see any in the near future, either.


Astros above age 32:

Jeff Bagwell, Craig Biggio, Brad Ausmus, Jeff Kent.

Astros under age 27:

Well, there's 10 of them, and I don't feel like listing them all here.

Cubs over age 32:

Kent Mercker, Mike Remlinger, Mark Grudzielanek, Moises Alou, Tom Goodwin, Sammy Sosa.

Cubs under age 27:

Again, there's 10 of them, and I still don't feel like listing them all here.

So which team is the "old" one?

By the way, just to be a good sport, I suggested they bury the ball at the North Pole. All the other good ideas looked to be taken.

howabout watch out national league...

pirates will win

eric - the core of your team is old, the core of the Cubs is young. That's what I meant.