help:Flying to Florida next friday

Well UG I need your help...

Im flying over to Florida next friday night (from the UK) will land Sat morning with an obvious problem. I need to see UFC 60: Hughes x Gracie (like you didn't know who was fighting), now this place needs (alot of) alcohol and preferably food, and a great atmosphere (to keep me awake cos i'll have been awake for bout 30hrs).

Im gonna be in the Orlando area, Hampton lakes bout 20 mins away from disneyland, just off I-Drive..... florida Ugers let me know where the place to be is, and any other info like when it opens and and where it is (that bit is quite important).

Thanks it wont be a holiday without sunshine, alcohol and MMA


Let me know here or on myspace thanks chaps (well I am english)

*Offers International Handshake*

Oh and it would be rather nice of you jolly good folks to TTT this for me.

should be a good crowd for the main event then,lol


I was visiting in Orlando last summer and watched a UFC at a Wing House. Great food, too!

any UGers gonna be anywhere in FL?

There is a place called Buffalo Wild Wings that usually shows the event. They make a big deal out of it and sometimes give prizes and stuff out.

that must be a pure kick in the bell end, same in northern UK too, sure london will maybe have somewhere, prob not


Where's adonis when he is needed?

alot of us go to the winghouse on the corner of 441 and lee road.

There is a place off 441 called Wing House they always show all the UFC's.

There is a place off 441 called Wing House they always show all the UFC's.

in not stopping in a hotel, so that part wont work but will be able to phone a cabby, so alot of you guys go to Wing House just of how many of you are going there?

What do they have on for the nights?

cheers for the info

I've watched a few in Orlando at a place called Wing House off of 441.

as long as the beer is good, no pale ale tho

just because carlao holds my hand when im there does not make it a gay bar

There a place on I drive called the buffalo wild wing that is show it. We normally get alot of are guys from the gym go to watch it there. Its on I-drive and Carrier.
Buffalo Wild Wings
7004 International Dr.
Orlando, FL 32819

so it's either wing house or buffalo wild wings.....

looks like im gettin some chicken  to watch the fight then