help from a gi company

I already posted this thread and didnt get alot of responses so I am
going to try one more time.

I own a billing service for martial arts schools and 99% of the schools
that use us are MMA/BJJ academies. My website is www.member- we have about 40 schools with us now and we have not
even started advertising yet.

We want to put a store up on our site so that the students of the
instructors enrolled with us can purchase GIs from our site and then we
will send the instructor the profit. I need a good quality company that
can do a drop ship program like this. I only want to pick one company
but I would need either prices just a little better then wholesale or
some free merchandise every now and then - not to sound greedy but I
would like to get a little something out of the deal.

Your company name would appear on our website, shirts, patches ,
brochures and all advertisements.

I have some really good ideas for this promotion and it could be huge!

I need the gi company to make this work but oher MMA companies if
you see this and your interested just send me an email at




hey hows it goimng partsguy? Are you ever going to come back and
train with us?


Yes I will be back. Hopefully sooner than later. My ankl;e has been getting better all the time. I am hoping to come back around thanksgiving.

Cool we have a ton of new guys out in BD right now the schol is going
very good!