Help? Fuel line leaking...

Started up my '93 corolla for the summer and it looked like I had a leak.

It was not in the right spot to be the engine oil, and it wasn't red, so it couldn't be the transmission fluid.

I jacked it up today and it's coming from about halfway between the front and rear tires. It appears to be the fuel line that is leaking. now what?

I'm a very poor student, is this something I can fix by myself? I must say, plumbing type of stuff makes me uncomfortable. This seems like something that shouldn't be screwed around with either.

If I took it in to a shop, how much should I expect them to charge me to patch it up?

And it would only require that part of the line be replaced and not the entire thing, correct?


Took another look, a better look, and it is my brake line that is leaking. I checked the brake fluid level and it has certainly dropped.

I called a dealership service dept. and they guess it'll be around 6-7 hundred...ouch.

Currently calling around trying to see if I can get a better deal.

Update #2:

According to midas, it'll be about 6-7 hundred, but I should expect it to be at least $500

Any help would be appreciated.

you probably can get the line and fasteners from the dealership and install it yourself couldnt you? empty out the line, replace part, fill it back up, bleed the brakes, and you should be good to go right?

the line will come in one big straight length you will have to bend it,cut it and flare it.the reason they are quoting so high is because if 1 line is leaking the others will start as soon as they are touched.

i do alot of this work here in new england now that they are spraying calcium chloride on the roads in the winter. it is about a $600.00 at the shop i work at.

a family friend helped me out (he's a mechanic)


installed a new brake line, he had the tools and the experience with flaring steel tubing, so it's cool

some zip ties to hold the new brake line in place (we ran it outside of that plastic cover that holds the other lines since we didn't want to disturb them)

good deal he worked cheap even as a side job i would have charged $150 at least.

autotech, you think i can ask you some q's?

ChDnny, i will try to help send them to