help! ...having trouble finding a

place to train here in Chengdu, China.

So, im studing overseas right now in Chengdu, which is a pretty big city (10 mil. people), but not as big as Shenghai, etc. and i'll be here for about a year.

I know they have mma in China, because i recently found this link for Art of War which is an mma event held in Beijing
so there must be people that train mma SOMWHERE.

Ive used me internet skills to the best of my ability but cant find any local clubs. Even a boxing or wrestling club would be cool.

Anyone help would kick ass!

Thanks in advance-

try san shou. its similar to muay thai.

cool, thanks for the idea, Family.

ttt for any more help.


But better to repost with a title like "Training in Chengdu, China?"


Thanks Kirik.