HELP help HELP!!!

I have the same web development team that did,, Tapout store, lot of other phenomenal sites. I want to make a Great trainingground. Anything you can can think of these guys can do.

What do want for the greatest training page on the planet??!?

S&C articles geared towards MMA, MT, and Grappling. Have guys like Taku, Scrapper, J.C, Zach Evens, Ross, Ring Girl and others write them including pics and vids.
Plus articles on diet, with maybe some sort of calculators/ trackers for diet.

I'll do whatever you need. It's the least I can do.


An exercise section with video would be good. Take a look at crossfits:

I think an extensive exercise library with good descriptions would make the site a big draw. If it's video based like crossfit, but with a better set of technique, modifications, what it's good for (combat sport based info presumably) like you'll find at

then i think you'll have the only complete combat sport specific fitness index on the internet.

Of course, as mentioned, weekly articles from professional fitness coaches that are specific to combat sports would go a long way to enhancing the legitimacy of the site. I think you should focus on copyrighted articles that aren't "printed" elsewhere without permission to enhance professionalism. Of course, you'd need a good editor for this. Without a good editor i would recommend not having an article section.

I too would be happy to help in any way i can. Feel free to email me.


Weekly articles written by guys like Taku, Scrapper, Ross, Sonnon, Furey (J/K), Ringgirl & guests on conditioning, diet/nutrition, supplement reviews & the mental side of training & split the options to be able to view each secton seperately.

You planning on having this a free site or pay/member site?

And FWIW, I don't like all the fancy stuff. Keep the page simple w/o a bunch of unnecessary graphics, flash, etc. - something easy to load.

There are many exercises we talk about here that may not (necessarily) be common place in other areas of the fitness world (esp outside of normal barbell & dumbbell movements). This could include clubbells, bodyweight exercises, kettlebells, sandbags, battling ropes, tornado balls, etc. A page with this stuff (pics and easy to view/DL vids) would be good.

If I can do anything (if it's wanted or needed), let me know as well.


Likewise, if there's any way that I can help, I'd be happy to as well. I agree with Wiggy that excess graphics and flash get old fast - something straight forward with lots of real content would rock.

I also think what cuprogue and vermonter are talking about - having an exercise encyclopedia could be really handy.

great idea!

I would like to see training logs, nutrition, S&C mma specific exercises. video/ pics.

have a store set up to sell some S&C equipment.

have some specific training forusm, MT, BJJ, Wrestling, MMA, etc.

If I could help with anything also just let me know.

If i remember on the main forum there was talk of revamping the UG & it was voted unan the "old-school" look was best & hence, nothing changed.

Lets leave the fluff for & leave the S&C page raw, bare, stripped back & no BS - like i assume most of the daily readers & contributors here are.

Definitely a section with downloadable workouts and training logs would be awesome. I would prefer them in a format where I could edit or modify a given workout to my specific tailoring. So, NO PDF files!

Maybe something where we can upload our own videos as well? I love seeing quick tip videos from Burn With Kearns and the like, and I plan on getting the DVCam into the gym with me to film some tips and tricks whenever possible. Getting some kind of recipe index going could be cool as well.

There should be some type of index and search function that allows for quick access to material. I also like the idea about downloadable workouts or charts.

Maybe bring in the guys from Diesel Crew or Dave Tate...

I don't know if they're saved on some old dusty server somewhere, but the archives we had way back before the switchover to would be nice. A LOT of really good info there. If for no other reason, then to see Geoff Langdale and Paladin_VT start up

Having training routines used by actual fighters, and articles by people who train fighters, would be great.

i'm also willing to help.

O think you should pic a team of fitness experts to help you. I guess that would be moderators. Lots of good offers above. (mine too. lol)

How about a featured athelete section. kinda a blog that someone keeps and list his workouts. The fitness team could do it. An example would be maybe Ringgirl blogging her exercise and diet routine for a week. You could have serveral people do it.

Also a Workout of the day page. Again maybe a team of select people could get together on the internet and do a weeks worth.

I don't know if it would be beyond the purview of this thread or this forum/site but what about creating a curriculum and a training venue to certify conditionong experts for combat sports?

Call it the "Certified Combat Sports Strength and Conditionong Specialist" designation: CCSSCS

The Board could consist of our own home-grown "gurus",
such as Scrapper,Taku,Vermonter,Wiggy,JC Brown,Zack
Evan-Esh,Ross(hopefully),and others.

A daily update by Chad Waterbury

*ducks for cover

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Could eveyone please stop taking my ideas!!!!!