Help I Need Speed

computer: pentium 4 1400 mhz, 1.4 ghz 256 mb of ram

problem started a couple months ago when I was getting too lagged out to even play online poker which alot of people do on dial up while I'm on roadrunner

  1. switched to mozilla from ie
  2. deleted porn and video games/unncessary programs
  3. installed panda platinum to remove all spyware etc.

these 3 made a big difference but my lag is still horrendous for a cable modem, anyone have any more suggestions to get quicker for online poker?

to run a speed test on your connection. That'll show if its your PC or the interweb which is giving the problem

Not sure if this will help with your lag issue, but 256 MB of memory is pretty bad. I would recommend an absolute minimum of 512 MB for anything nowadays.