Help! I need to wipe my hard drive

I just got attacked by a nasty virus that attached itself to a lot of my system files. In the process of the virus check, these .exe files were deleted rather than cleaned so hardly any of my programs are working.

Since I have a 2nd hard drive to save all my important files, I'm figuring I should just wipe my primary hard drive and re-install Windows, but I don't know how wipe my hard drive exactly.

I need to get my computer immediately running again for school so any help would be appreciated.

A full re-install of windows will format your hard drive as part of the install process. Did you re-install your antivirus software and clean out the virus itself? I'd say do that then just do a full re-install of windows

Sounds like you also need to fdisk and wipe out your Master Boot Record..

Thanks guys,

Yeah, I cleaned out the virus (P Jeefa I think), but unfortunately it attached itself to a lots of my .exe files.

I did an fdisk wipe, as well as doing a re-install of Windows.