Help! I'm scared!


Alright so I went to go and workout today. As soon as I woke up this morning, I took CLA, Multi-vitamins, and shred matrix. Got to the gym and took some MP Assault blue berry flavor and added some L-Carnitine. After working out, I took some MP Recon. I had to take a crap and when I did my shit was blue like the muscle pharm assault I took. It was mostly water too. I'm fucking scared. What's going on!? When I stack my pre-workouts with L-Carnitine I shit a lot too just an FYI. Phone Post

How's the taste though? That makes the difference between going to the ER or being totally fine.


I hate ruining a perfectly good joke with sensible advice but just in case....

If you're concerned you should go see the doctor. Stop posting on an internet forum talking to strangers about your fecal matter, and see a doctor.

Good point. Phone Post

Blueberry's tend to make your poop black/blue.

Why are you taking all that shit?

Maybe it's all that junk you are putting into your body.

Just workout hard and eat healthy. You don't need all that crap.

Alrighty! My poop wasn't blue today. It was normal. Thought I was gonna die lol Phone Post

 Years ago when my daughter was little we were filling her with blue whales and green frogs(gummies) to keep her awake and happy for the last 1.5hours of a road trip. The next morning when we changed her diaper her poo was blue and green with a white strip running through it. We then realized that some chemicals are really not digested by our bodies.