Help in Training in D.C area

I will be in the DC area for a few months and I am interested in training in BJJ. Does anyone have any advise on training facilities in and around DC?

Thanks in advance


DC area school's weblinks...

Soon as I get my conditioning back, I've gotta start training somewhere :) These are possibles I've found so far.

Good luck.

Where will you be in DC and will you have a car?

I train at Yamasaki and we have 4 locations in the DC metro area:

Rockville, MD

Washington DC (Adams Morgan neighborhood)

Springfield, VA

Chantilly, VA is a Krav Maga school now. They canceled the BJJ program. I used to train there, but train at Yamasaki now and really enjoy it.

Hey BubbaRay, I need your e-mail. I need to talk w/you about something.

The BJJ program from Fighters Garage has re-opened as American Fight Club

truewrestler, isn't there also a Caique affiliated school in Sterling, VA?

I ask because my friend Tony Walldecker teaches out there and he's a Caique rep. I could be wrong, though. Maybe he's under Royce.

not sure

ttt for all the good schools in DC

The People's knee, Toney is at under Relson Gracie.

BubbaRay--how is the Krav Maga school doing, many students?


Not sure how close to you it will be, but Lloyd Irvin is the man..BJJ and Judo blackbelt..Awesome. He is exactly what you are looking for..


Leo Dalla teaches at Sport and Health club in Lake Ridge. Leo Dalla and his students are awesome. I highly recomend the club. Practice is Mon, Wed, and Thurs from7:30-8:30.

Rock: my new e-mail address is There is some stuff I want to pick your brain about, so I look forward to talking to you.

Brett: I don't know what's going on with the Krav Maga school. While I've gotten past my initial bitterness over those guys booting the BJJ program out of the building, I haven't been in touch with the people there since joining Yamasaki. I hope your training is going well.

Quincy: FYI, Mario and Fernando Yamasaki, as well as Neto, hold black belts both in Judo and BJJ.

The DC metro area has a lot of great places to train.

"The DC metro area has a lot of great places to train."

so true!

Does anyone have information on the Yamasaki school in D.C. (Adams Morgan), i.e., location, costs, instructors?



For location and schedule:

Call the school (301) 770-0969 for additional details.