Help loosening my hips up?

I'm having trouble turning my hips. Any good tips for stretching etc to help me out here? Thanks in advance.

i don't know if this will help but I have this thing where my hips pop so I do the following warm ups

in my fighting stance i take the rear leg and o forward like throwing a knee, pause at the apex and bring it as far to the side (left side for left leg, right side for right leg) as I can and then put in back down. Kind of like going from a knee to a block. I rotate the leg through this motion many times then I switch stance and legs

next i do the opposite, pick up the leg as far off to the side as possible like a block and then rotate forward like a knee


you just brought up what I think is the very toughest part of learning to kick correctly. there are only 3 things that worked for me... practice, practice, practice. the only other thing I can say is that if you rotate your other foot correctly as you kick, it kind of forces it to happen naturally. so the holistic approach is probably the best one.

LOL @ ME, left this part out, that's what happens when I post from work

to work on turning your hips over try isolating them with this exercise:

put a leg on a chair or table, etc. at a comfortable height, stand on the ball of the foot on the ground with that foot pointing forward, the foot on the chair should be resting on the heel toes pointing up, now turn your hip over, pivot the foot on the ground into the direction of the kick and turn the foot on the table in the direction of the kick, your knee, hip, and shoulder should line up

you can also do this exercise with someone holding your leg, when you rotate your hip try to move your partner

the nuances of this drill that will help generate power are flexing the hip into the kick and using the calf muscle of the foot on the ground

sounds like excellent advice to me.

Butterfly stretches?

Passive stretches like the butterfly stretch are ok to do after training. Dynamic stretching is the way to go for warmups, and it will give you "cold" flexibility--ie, the ability to kick someone in the grill without warming up.

An all-around dynamic and passive stretching routine is part of your basic training. IMO it is extremely important for beginners, and I also find stretching after training helps me recover much faster.

Kind of a hard topic to cover without pics, but there are a tons a tutorials online--just hit up Google. Start slow!

In terms of technique--the biggest thing is to turn on the ball of your foot, and RELAX. A good round kick is loose and rubbery, not stiff. And let your shoulders turn with your hips.