help me change

Im a notorious guard puller. I have messed up knees and no confidence in most of my takedowns, with the exception of the double and single leg.

Anyone have any tips for how I can improve this in my game? It is primarily a mental block I have that prevents me from fighting it out on the feet.



Haha, this is not going to help, but any good tips on pulling guard? How about 1 for pulling closed guard and 1 for pulling open?

Why do you want to stop pulling guard? You might get even more serious injuries by fighting it out on the feet. Look at the judo guys!

I have the same problem.  I found a good lesson on grips and grip fighting/breaking from a technical judo guy really helped me get the better grips early and I just go for it from there.

After you get a good gripping lesson. I just got a few takedowns I like and go for them.  I use almost no throws except I 'll go for the drop sieo nagi (sp) sometimes.  I also use foot sweeping, and mostly I use one of the first takedowns I ever learned all the time.  It is sort of like the fireman's carry where you're holding the gi sleeve.   The thing is I can't do a 'real' firemans but I can do this because once you have the grip you just sit down and fall back.  You don't need to lift the guy.

Two words: Judo

If you have messed up knees why risk making them worse?

Keep pullin guard.

Get your grips and rip, convince him your takedown defense and takedowns are stronger so he is forced to pull guard.

TTT for white belts giving brownbelts tips

Andreh: come to Atlanta and train with my judo coach Steven Alphabet (he used to have a judo column in Grappling and has produced several national champions that made it all the way to the Olympic Trials). He is notororious for safely teaching beginners the basics of judo and working around injuries. You can stay at my place and we can roll every day - think about it!

I know how you feel andre. Injuries and the fear of further damage has really hurt my progression with takedowns. It sucks because I would at least like to be decent at takedowns.

Fake it - Show up in a Iowa wrestling jersey.

Assume the wrestling stance at the start of your match and pray your opponent pulls guard.

I would love to have 2 or 3 basic 'go to' take downs I could do. Right now, I have nothing that consistently works. I'm awkward on my feet. TTT for more advice for a guy that can't afford both Judo and BJJ. :(

meh. takedowns are for rasslers and fat people. pull guard with pride!

With the gi, I would study Ronaldo Jacare Dos Santos' competion footage. He is an incredible take down artist. His instructional video has a section on how he does his takedowns (which are basically Judo). He has a good discusion on how to stand as well (taking a medium stance ) and what grips to take. Furthermore, the dvd has the vast majority of all his competition footage.

Since you are already decent at the single leg and double leg, I think you could have potential to be a real threat standing by drilling two or three Judo leg sweeps or hip throws used in combination with your singles and doubles.

Here is my perspective on what is essential for effective take downs:
1) Decent singles and doubles
2) Two or three decent throws from standing
3) A good sprawl (to avoid being taken down)
4) Know how to sink your hips (to avoid being thrown)
5) Know how to combine these four elements together

*6) Speed is helpful, but not necessary

I can go into more detail on all this if you want me to do so.

I prefer other methods. Andre come by NTT I got a cattle prod with your name on it.

I have pretty good takedowns but have had a tendancy of puling guard when it's not necessary. I think I know what you're saying.

But I realized that I was being too passive, and needed to be able control where the fight is going after I read this article -

(The man who wrote this article knows what he is talking about! ;) )

Since then I decided to be more aggressive and fight for top position even from the knees to change my mental habit. I'm not working particularly on new techniques. By eliminating the choice to pull guard (at least for a while), I'm trying to condition my mind to be more aggressive, and starting from the knees is a perfect position to start from.

I find that changing the mental habit is very hard and needs to be worked on repeatedly and consistently just like physical conditioning.

Send me $5 every time you pull guard.

"TTT for white belts giving brownbelts tips"

Yeah, there's no way a whitebelt could have a constructive idea. Good thinking.

For takedowns me and my partner just made a rule that we weren't allowed to drop back when we sparred. After doing that for months we changed it to "allowed to drop back if it is going directly into a submission" but we absolutely don't allow guard dropping. You really have to just take it off the menu to break the habit.

"Send me $5 every time you pull guard."


"Yeah, there's no way a whitebelt could have a constructive idea. Good thinking."

You are correct, sir. There is no way.