Help Me Cheer Up Friend at Work!

i work with a portuguese girl who is a little down today...anybody have any good jokes or whatever in portuguese to cheer her up? (no pick up lines, im taken care of)


Malucas missivas

O médico andava pelo hospício quando vê um louco escrevendo e ele pergunta:

- O que você está fazendo?

E o louco responde:

- Estou escrevendo uma carta.

O médico:

- E para quem é?

O louco: É para mim mesmo.

O médico: E o que está escrito?

E o louco: Não sei, ainda não recebi.

thank you! i dont want to dwell on her troubles though, just put a smile on her face

c' one else wants to help out a sad girl at work?

if she´s portuguese, she´ll love this one:

how many portuguese guys does it take to change a lightbulb?

Answer: 9 guys. one to hold up the light bulb and 8 more to spin the ladder.

lol...i would but im not portuguese and that would break the rules of "political correctness"

Put a spanish or a brazilian in the place of the portuguese that she will laugh.

do you think i want a pack of angry Brazilian vale-tudo fighters after me?

does anyone know that line that goes something like "go play with your little worm in the sand"?