Help me choose decent audio upgrade for desktop pc

I just recently set up a new desk space. I’m going to be using the computer quite a bit to educate myself and will thusly be watching some videos. Currently, the audio is barely loud enough and it’s flat. I don’t need audiophile level stuff here, just something that is solid in terms of volume level and sound quality.

Guide me.

i hook my pc up to my tv and stereo via hdmi
i recommend that to u
denon makes great receivers, but i bet u already have a good one…

Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 is pretty solid… currently $110 on amazon Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 THX Certified Computer Speaker System (Black): Electronics

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I have 7.1 surround sound hooked up to mine through a Yamaha receiver. I just use the optical out on my motherboard to go to the receiver. But before that, I used the optical out to go to a soundbar with a sub under the desk and it sounded pretty good.

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I just ordered this:

Klipsch Reference R-15PM Powered bookshelf speakers with Bluetooth® and built-in phono preamp at Crutchfield

And this: Creative Sound BlasterX AE-5 Plus SABRE32-class Hi-res 32-bit/384 kHz PCIe Gaming Sound Card and DAC with Dolby Digital and DTS, Xamp Discrete Headphone Bi-amp, Up to 122dB SNR, RGB Lighting System: Computers & Accessories

Am I doing it right?

I returned the Soundblaster card because my pc’s case is small and it doesn’t fit. The Klipsch R-15PMs work really well just interacting with the computer without any sound card upgrade. I listened to some of my favorite songs on YouTube to test drive the setup and it’s very enjoyable. Good quality, and capable of more volume than I need. Happy with it.

glad its improved, but why not go for 5.1 surround?
ps: if u need a soundcard, u can get a usb one too


Thanks man, the usb soundcard is tempting. I don’t know that I need the 5.1. It’s mostly for listening to people talk/lecture and also for itunes. I feel like what I’ve got is more than enough. Plus, I don’t want a bunch of speakers to take up a bunch of space and I don’t want to run wires across common footpaths. I’ve got my current, new, speakers barely tucked away and I’ve got the wires running across areas that I don’t mind (under the edge of the desk and a side table).

This. For 100 bucks it produces amazing sound. Decent Soundstage and good base. Love it

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Actually, initially I had no plans to use itunes on this computer, the speakers were just for listening to lessons. The ones I got were so good I couldn’t help but head over to YouTube and put some tunes on, and then when that was satisfying I added itunes. I’m really happy with the way it is. Now if plugging these speakers into a soundcard that’s plugged into a usb might make the sound even better…

Do you think that it would?

Can anyone recommend a good external (usb) soundcard that would pair well with the speakers I bought? Thanks.

A used Apogee Duet makes for a great sound interface. Also has a decent headphone amp.

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These are the best at that price point-you’re welcome

Thanks man, but I already got these:

Do you have any thoughts or an opinion about the ones I got? I’ve had them hooked up for a couple days and I’m really happy with them.

At this point I’m just wondering if I should get an external sound card and then plug those Klipsch R-15PMs into it.

Thanks man. Does that produce a nice sound? In the bit I’ve been researching I think I’ve gotten the impression that some components that are designed for recording are good for exactly that, but for listening they have a pretty flat sound. Is your “Duet” great for listening?

thats really the bottom line. dont spend any more til u are unhappy with em

I think that’s wise. But I also can’t help but wonder if it would sound even better if I bought the right external sound card in the $150 range.

i aint rreally any sort of expert, but i suspect it would be very hard to notice a sonic difference with adding the new soundcard

but u could buy, try, and return, to satisfy your curiosity

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You know, I think I like your original idea. I’ll just stand pat. Before I got these speakers the sound was really bad - flat and not quite loud enough. Now, it’s really good. I’m sure it could be better but I’m happy with “really good”. Also, my main need with the audio is to be able to listen to people lecture while I listen and learn. These are overkill already for that purpose and I’m able to use these to listen to music enjoyably. It’s already a big win. Plus, I’m happy with the dollars to benefit ratio. They are $500 speakers that I got on sale for $250. The soundcard will obviously drive the price up in the absolute sense, and it will also monkey with the cost to satisfaction ratio. Nice sound for $250 is a good place to be, personally.

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