Help me create a Diet Plan

I weigh around 145lbs and want to gain weight.I want to build lean muscle not fat.Or at least minimal fat.I am 18 years old and about 6 foot with a small build.I attend college which makes it hard for me to eat multiple times a day.I use Muscle Milk Protein (around 64% DV Protein) when I work out and sometimes Whey Protein (around 30% DV Protein) on days where time is limited.

It kind of works by eating more food, more often and lifting your volume in the gym. the most important thing is being able to increase your food intake.

You said it's "hard for me to eat multiple times a day".

I guess you'll have to find a way. Pack food to eat when you can. I sit in the back of meetings and courses so no-one really notices me eating bite sized chunks of steak I've pre-packed.

Oh, and %DV probably doesn't matter much, since those figures are based on around 10% of calories from protein. I'd probably bump that up just a little. Like quadruple it.

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6ft & 145lbs, you need be eat every 2 hours. 4-6 meals & 2-3 shakes for convenience per day - make sure the shakes are high calorie.

Thanks for the help I will definitely try packing lunches and snacks to bring along with me...Any suggestions for what I should pack.High calorie,High Protein or whatever I need to gain weight and not satisfy my hunger.Although I do find myself hungry often.

High everything, lol - keep a food diary is the best tip i can give you. Start weighing portions too.

Do you know about macronutrients?

Thanks again for the help.I usually eat things like Bagels,Pizza,Yogurt,PB&J and Shakes for Protein.Oh yea and Steak,Hamburgers ect.I eat spagetti but not that frequently.I found spagetti o's with meatballs to be high in protein and calories but are they good for you? I don't really know much besides Daily Values and the basics.

Macronutrients are the breakdown of all foods into protein, carbs & fat - manipulating these & calories defines physique. In your case i wouldnt worry too much about them yet, but you may as well start reading up on them...

Alright will do

 6 feet & only 145?  Holy crap!!!  you need to eat son!!!

Last time I got my body fat checked it was around 11% and that was back in june 2008 is that high or low?

how did you get your body fat checked?

i remember for hydration test they had us do the scale and people who were shredded to the bone came up with like 12% (not very accurate)

I also think most people underestimate they bodyfat substantially.

i say you just go crazy w/ like >4000 calories a day and learn to lift. If you're a noob go on rippetoe or sheiko or something.

If you've been lifting for a while do westside or or some upper/lower split.

I dont think Sheiko is more beginners - i started on Westside for skinny bastards 2. Rippetoe or Bill Starrs 5x5 are excellent starting points.

I got my body fat checked last June by a school administrator that does it for the wrestlers.With the prongs and BMI calculator.I think it's dropped some since I have replaced (what little fat I have) with more muscle.I should probably post my work out routine on here for critiquing since I'm far from experienced.I have been finding time to eat at college and I stopped by the weight room for an hour or so..They sell protein bars at the campus store which I thought was awesome so I bought

11% is not high for an athlete. 11% is very lean for pretty much anyone. People often over-rate how low their BF is, especially athletes. LOL!