Help me create some fighters...

...for MMA sim/game for PC ( ).
We already have more than 250 fighters, but we need more.

I was wondering how would rate these fighters: Patrick Cote, David Terrell, Krazy Horse Bennett, Choi Mu Bae, Keith Rockel, Travis Lutter, Daniel Gracie, Rumina Sato, Ben Rothwell, Ryo Chonan, Ryuki Ueyama, Ryuta Sakurai, Kazuo Misaki, Akihiro Gono, Olaf Alfonso, Tatsuya Kawajiri...under ratings below.

RATINGS (1 to 10)

a) Punching (power) :
b) Kicking (power) :
c) Clinching :
d) Takedowns :
e) Ground Positioning :
f) Ground Striking :
g) Submissions :

GENERAL STRATEGY (general fight strategy, sum should equal 100)

a) Kicking :
b) Punching :
c) Grappling :
d) Resting :
e) Dirty Fighting :

KICKING STRATEGY (sum should equal 100)

a) Low Kicks :
b) High Kicks :
c) Knees (from clinch) :

TAKEDOWN STRATEGY (sum should equal 100)

a) Upper Body Takedowns :
b) Low / Leg Shot Takedowns :

GROUND STRATEGY (sum should equal 100)

a) Positioning :
b) Striking :
c) Submissions :

Nobody is going to do this. It is a good idea though.



Dunc: There's a huge problem with this.

What are the stat limits for different weight classes?

don't worry about that

told you

this is what I've done in the past, and it will be a lot more helpful to you. Rather than asking others to create a fighter, ask people for a scouting report. Start a thread "scouting report on Patrick Cote?" Find out as much as you can about his style, strengths and weaknesses, skills compared to other fighters, etc. This info will be a lot more helpful than having someone else rate them anyway.

You and I know how the fighters are rated in the game. Someone else might say "well, Cote has heavy hands, 9 for punching...his takedowns are below average, probably a 4...etc". Those numbers are meaningless unless compared to other fighters in his weight class.

Many of the fighters that I created in the past, this is how I did it. If I had only seen a fighter once or twice (if at all) I usually asked around about him until I felt I had a good idea how he fights. Between that and taking a look at a fighters record to see what kind of competition he's faced, how he wins or loses most of his fights, etc, you can tell quite a bit.


chin(some have never lost to ko strikes NOG FULTON HORN FEDOR), cardio/stanima, reversals, sub weaknesses (some guys can take an full armbar, or some have a move that they are prone to get caught in), explosiveness, sexiness again fulton comes to mind