Help me eat my vegetables

I don't eat any. The only times I eat any vegetables is when we go out to eat and they are present as a side dish/christmas/thanksgiving. I know this isn't healthy and would like to clean my diet up a bit.

How do you guys do it? I don' even know where to start.

just start eating some

After a while you'll start to like them.

After a really long time of eating clean, the taste of sweet or high fat food makes you 'sad' and you don't want them.

Microwave is what I do -

I was thinking though, doesn't it destroy the nutrition value with radiation of the compounds. Just curious if I am wasting my time

Oh come on, nobody has any tips for getting these things down? They don't taste like food, most anything green is paper thin so you have to eat a shitton of whatever to feel like you've done something worthwhile.

How much do you eat? Of what? How do you prepare them?

I know somebody on this forum eats like he's supposed to.

If you don't like the leafy stuff, make a salad out of it with some more substantial items like carrots, celery, broccoli, cucumbers (my favorite) etc. Use olive oil, red wine vinegar, pepper and garlic for a dressing. Awesome salad :)

Can't cook huh?

I love cooking.
Try herbs like dill, oregano, basil, mint even.
Trick is not to cook vegetables too long or you get it too mushy and kill a lot of the flavour.

The microwave is so uncreative.

Stuff like broccoli and cauliflower can be boiled or steamed. Then you sprinkle your dill on after you drain it. Cut it in bits and taste it as you are cooking to make sure you don't overcook it.

You can grill for your more solid veg like carrot or pumpkin. You control the amount of cooking by how large you slice the bits. Large chunks will be too raw in the middle with the outside overcooked. Drizzling olive oil and rubbing it around them stop it from burning.

Leafy stuff can be pre-blanched very quickly (maybe a minute or two in boiling water) then you can grill or shallow fry them as hot as you can make it and add your herbs in then.

It's all about understanding how to combine a couple of different types of vegies to make a meal. You can cut cabbage really thin, blanch in hot water, drain and then shallow fry with raw carrot (cut thin also) and add a splash of balsamic vinegar and a herb like thyme. Let the vinegar reduce while your stirring it around. Turn it down and cover for a minute. This is sort of like braising it.

Get a bag of fresh baby spinach, throw half of it in a bowl. Optional: cut up a Roma tomato, add to the mix. You may also add salad dressing if you wish.

Preferably eaten whilst singing "Shimmy Shimmy Yah."



RIP Olde Dirty


You have to really make a mental adjustment to eat vegetables. A lot
of Americans have this idea that all food should taste good, and that
eating should be an enjoyable activity. Instead, I think it's more
healthy to just think of eating as something you do to stay alive. You
should eat something that's good for you even if it doesn't taste good,
as long as it doesn't taste bad either.

Basically whenever I open the fridge, I just grab some small piece and
eat it raw. I don't enjoy it, I don't dislike it either.

Pour a little salad dressing on your veggies.

mix it in when you make scrambled eggs, like a messed up omelette.

Well I'm about a week into my "eat vegetables now" phase and it's not such a fun time. I go through a salad in a bag every day. I've actually had to consult my wife on the edibility of certain things in the "spring mix" one.

"is this food or should I throw it away?"

I miss my bacon and eggs diet.

Crock Pot Chicken and veggies:
whole Chicken, chop up carrots, celery, and broccoli, potato add water. Most of the broccoli will melt away into the soup. Bowl of rice on the side.

just get old and see what happens to your colon and you'll eat em