help me find a fight plz!!!!

hi my name is kieran o brien from Ireland.I am a professional mma fighter with a record of 2-0 and 6-0 ammy.i fight at 145lbs.I am travelling to orlando on the 29th may for 3 weeks and would love so much if anyone had a show u could put me on or know a show that i could get on i will attach my last fight on europes biggest organisation cage warriors news years eve just gone
i am also willing to travel to any other states during these dates to compete i can promise you i will come ready and to put on a show if any one can help me please

Ttt Phone Post 3.0

Ttt Phone Post 3.0

TTT Phone Post 3.0

TTT Phone Post 3.0

would love the chance if anyone has any details please leave me know

TTT to get this man a scrap!! Phone Post 3.0

thank u guys for ur support so far

Get your green name! Email one of the Mods! Phone Post 3.0

thank you have you any of there names so i could mail them thanks


kmoney1101 - thank you have you any of there names so i could mail them thanks

Not sure if that's the right place for a green, but if you write a quick email giving your SN name and your real name with fight record I'm sure it would get the ball rolling! Phone Post 3.0

Go to the events Section of the site(or app) and see what's available. They usually have a contact listed I'd reach out to some of them. Unless any ug brethren can hook it up Phone Post 3.0


Get this man a fight!! Phone Post 3.0


please help has to be some organization on with in 29th may to 18 june somewere in the states that would have me on there show i promise to bring my full game n put on a show for ye if any one can have me on !!!

Look on the events section and email the organiser. There is an event in Ft Lauderdale, Florida on May 30th Phone Post 3.0