Help me find

Abolene. I would like this product just in case for weight cutting. Does anyone know that carries this product in Canada? Vancouver specifically?

Cheers Lads

talk to curt at, he gets it my fight team

All make-up remover is basically Abolene.

Trust me on this one.

I definately trust you Robin. You look especially good in blue eyeshadow.
Thanks, ill ask the girls at the department counter.

correct me if Im wrong, but I think abolene can only be bought in the U.S of A.

always been curious, how much do you apply and how soon before weigh-in's?

I would always apply it liberally and only use it the day of or day before weigh ins depending on how much u need to cut. The Key to cutting weight is to drink lots of water 24hrs before the weigh in. Usually 6-7L of water will be plenty.

Scrappy where do you live? I got lots.

Thanks for the tip Blake. still got the Shamrock chops?

bkarimib im in Coquitlam

to extrapolate (what?) on Blake's point....

If you want to hyperhydrate, you drink 5 or 6 liters of water a day for 7 or 8 days (DO NOT EAT ANY SODIUM DURING THIS) before the weigh in. This tells your body "water is so plentiful now, that you do not have to maintain any water reserves. You can pee the reserves out."

Your body normally keeps 6 or 8 pounds (or more for large people) of water reserves. If you hyperhydrate for a week or more, your body pees out those 6 pounds, and replaces it with 6 pounds of "current carried water" (ie-the water you keep drinking).

24 hours before the weigh ins, stop drinking water completely.

Now, when you pee, you will pee out the "carried water", and you will not replace it with any water from drinking.

You will lose 6 or 8 pounds of pee over those 24 hours and, since you are drinking no water, it will not be replaced.

The body's a freaky machine.

 Thanx to Robin for that info. It's nice to see the Canadian UG still has a place for valuable information along with it's other nutty tidbits.

You're welcome Dougie.

Now, back to the nutty tidbits....

ps. to make that hyperhydrating-then-dehydrating thing work, distilled water is best. Not sure why.

Robin Black - ps. to make that hyperhydrating-then-dehydrating thing work, distilled water is best. Not sure why.

 Because spring water contains dissolved mineral salts which make you retain water.



 This thread has become very valuable.

If you want one send me your address through e-mail.

I think it cost me like 12 USD.