Help Me Get An I.T. Job Or Other Easy Career

As many of you know I am working as a food transportation technologist engineer. Was delivering for amazon for a bit but was fired for damaging the van in an accident and lying about it. I also have a youtube channel I’ve been waiting to blow up, but the results are not impressive and its not fun anymore.

I see IT as a career where I can chill and OG, not do much, and make big bucks. Is it hard to get on? Do I really need a Bachelors? Im down to do some easy online college course and then get hired somewhere.

Anyone got any advice on my best path? Im also open to other easy high paying jobs. Hook a cheddar brother up!

Would you say you need some cheddar… man?

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I got mouths to feed.

Perhaps be a side show attraction with that multiple mouth thing?

Oh shit, you mean kids and family, I took it wrong!

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Too hard!

The Office Thats GIF


construction companies always need people to run cable. that’s sort of IT.


That sounds like manual labor? I am lazy.

onlyfans, bro. i bet there’s a few hundred people in the world that would pay you $5 or $10 a month to watch you jerk off all day.

that’s sort of IT too.

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I am a man of principle!

Clown make up, hang out in sewers and terrorize kids? that’s kinda IT

Not sure how that pays though


Information Technology ya DIPSHIT!

Color me embarrassed! :flushed:

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well, you’d still have more principles than people that are willing to watch you jerk off all day for $10/ month.

Get your Comptia A+ cert. Professor Messer on youtube walks you through all the info.

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Coding sucks. Who the heck came up with that crap?

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Is it easy? So I watch some vids, take some online test, and then can get a job?

Agreed coding is gay as shit.


OP, you can always work as a stock broker. You had some great inside info on Coca-Cola a few weeks back. That could be your full time gig!

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