Help Me Get An I.T. Job Or Other Easy Career

2 much wrk

OP you ever think about filling out an application for Supreme Court Justice? I think you’d be a perfect fit.

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Not qualified.

OP have you considered stealing copper from construction sites?

Perhaps informing for the police?

Maybe start a sex chat hotline?


Those are good grifter ideas KJ but Im looking for a real career here.

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Laughing Out Loud Lol GIF by VH1

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I am hiring a person for my Service Desk team and another for my Sys Admin team. I would hire someone from the OG but not you. I don’t mean that disparagingly - I appreciate your presence here, you add a sort of personality value - but it is not one I believe I could count on professionally. Live by the sword, die by the sword.

Still, it’s a good field to get in to, a dozen paths you could consider - all will take a lot of work. You don’t seem interested in earning your stripes. Best of luck Chester.


Where you at!?

Whats so funny, DIPSHIT.

Wait what? Remember that investment post. And all the money you made. Maybe investment is your ticket

You bogarting me? You lucky you’re a mod!

Do you remember that thread? I do. But if your looking into IT then good luck and go for it

Sure I got an easy score on coke rebounding from that homo soccer player drinking water, but I need a career here!

Traffic flagger. All you gotta do is stand there and hold a stop sign while smoking a cigarette.

Too hot and boring.

Not easy, but not very hard, just have to watch the vids and take practice tests. If you have a basic understanding of IT then you can do it. The A+ cert is considered by many to be the main one for entry level IT work. It would look very good for help desk type jobs.

You should get a job as an oracle admin or a linx admin.

You won’t have to shower and you can wear sweatpants into the office. If you’re oracle admin, you’ll only have to patch your servers 4 times a year.




If you’re lazy don’t get it into IT, you’re going to need a lot of motivation and self study. You can learn some valuable skills, get some certs, get a job all in a few months if you’re dedicated but it’s a lot of work and motivation needed to do that when no one is making you.