Help Me Get An I.T. Job Or Other Easy Career

What’s the easiest way to make 80k+ working from home? I’m ready to quit my job where I make more money but the work is much harder. I have a little bit of programming experience and a little bit of linux experience too. Don’t mind starting out making $50-60k if it goes up quickly

If you do the cloud route I agree GCP has a knowledge shortage. If you know how to code you are gold in IT and will not have any problems finding jobs. If you cannot code then it is easier to replace you with someone overseas who can.

Learn some Python and Ansible to automate.

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Hmm so i.t. is for boomers and I should learn this cloud stuff?

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VM and Cloud computing is the now. Help Desk IT is not very exciting to most and pay is average.

Yeah you will need to probably learn at least 1 scripting language too, sort of. You don’t actually need to know it really, to do the job you just need to be able to google, copy and edit what you need… but they will probably ask you if you know it in the interview and they might (probably) give you a test… but I will say at least 90% of the coding tests I’ve done are all at the junior level even when I’ve been applying to more senior roles. They all ask questions that you can answer with the knowledge from a year 1 programming class.


Yeah, depends what you mean by IT. People use to use IT to mean any job involving computers basically but now lots of people will separate programming into its own category, maybe some other areas.

But if you mean physical IT tech yeah that’s a boomers job.

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Pay attention to this guy, OP. You can do the certs on your own, but you have to be motivated. I had a penetration tester/IT instructor tell me that Comptia aims for a 30% passing rate for their A+ cert because they don’t want it to lose value. You also have to renew it every 3 yrs or so. Forget about cheating on the exam (at least pre-Covid): you are in a room by yourself with no cellphones or other devices allowed. It can help you get hired for some contract work that is pretty easy and will help you get something relevant on your resume.

The whole idea of cloud is to abstract away the physical infrastucture to a data center and as much of the admin to the cloud platform/software as possible.

So unless you want to go data centre tech, you’re going to train into a dying field.

I know some contractors who were considering doing help desk. They were only offered $18 per hr, and only had about a month of exp. in imaging and neither had any certs or degrees. And this was a big ass health care system!

Help desk is shit but there still can be money in support, if you work for one of the big tech companies doing 3rd level support to their larger clients in new tech you can still get 150k… but they wont hire you without like 10+ years experience.

When I look on indeed in my area I see a bunch of IT jobs but I searched for cloud and nothing really came up. Are there better terms for that job or is it in more select areas?

I think GCP is fairly safe but Google is killing products all the time, I just don’t trust them unless it’s related to Maps or Search.

And if you are going cloud learn terraform. Automating the instantiation of the Infrastructure is a nice skill.

Is it possible to have a steady, regular IT job that will pay my bills or is it all contract bullshit?

Is the working from any where with an internet connection really a thing?

A lot of that but much of it is for experienced workers - programmers, sys admins, and cloud engineers. Some tele-helpdesk exists though.

How much $$$ does a job like that pay?

I don’t know where you live so it might be different there but where I have worked they would rather hire full time people but they can’t get them.

It’s kind of silly but basically lots of companies can only hire you full time at X rate because of their organizational structure but that same company can procure a contractor at whatever the market rate is.

It’s crazy because they will literally not be able to get a position approved for 100k a year for a cloud engineer for example… but they can procure a 1 year contract at 250k a year if they want to.

It’s just some bureaucratic bullshit.

But I don’t get the issue personally, I’d rather do high paying contract work than full time work. I made 250k last year and I paid less in taxes than I would have full time, so really would have needed to make closer to 350k to earn the same full time.

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Get your A+ and Network+ then apply for desktop support jobs.
Once you get in, take some classes and move into Network Engineering/Security

Where do you live? if you don’t live in a major city it might be difficult to find some of these jobs. They probably won’t recruit for cloud jobs in small markets. Is the city you’re in known for being a tech hub?

Now with more and more remote you could try searching for remote jobs in the largest city in your state, or maybe even other states but not sure how that works with payroll.

I live in a city of 2.5 million people in the greater area, 500,000 in the city and I searched cloud and 3000 jobs still came up on indeed.

You can search for azure, aws, gcp.