Help me improve speed on jab...

My footwork and head movement are about where I want them, now I have to work on improving my hand speed with the jab. What are some of the best drills to do to learn to speed up the jab? How do I relax completely but still get that stinging 'snap' into the jab?

relax hand until the moment of impact. concentrate on the punch RETURNING quickly. this will help it to snap. try hanging a towel from above and jab at it. try to make the towel "snap" as you hit it.

Think of your hand as a baseball, and your arm as
a rubber band. Whip your shoulder like you're
throwing that baseball, and your rubber band arms
snap it back.

Hand is relaxed until impact.

JcBlass, does that really work with the hand weights? I've heard varying opinions on that one...

Exhale as you step in for the first jab in a series.