Help me pick a Open World/RPG game

So I was going to try and play through the entire Assassin's Creed series and started with the first one... and I'm all done with that. Didn't beat it, but was really bored by it.

Anyway, in the last few years some of my favorites have been Red Dead Redemption, Arkham City and Fallout 3. Large open world and/or RPG games.

I'm considering trying either Dead Island or GTA4. Perhaps Just Cause 2?

Nothing turn based and nothing revolving around dragons/WOW and shit like that.

Any suggestions?

Dead Island is pretty decent, it's very similar to Borderlands. Borderlands is free to play this weekend on Steam if you want to try it out.

Skyrim, it's based around dragons but there is so much else to do then mick around with dragons. Thieves guild and dark brotherhood will keep you busy enough Phone Post

Yeah if you get Skyrim, just avoid the main storyline and you'll never see a dragon. They only spawn once you've killed the first one in the story.

I enjoyed Dead Island, but it seems 50/50 amongst gamers, alot of people hated it.

You should also consider Saints Row the Third, insanely fun game... It literally has everything, I mean it, everything.

I should clarify.. When I say I dont care for dragons I mean more the whole fantasy setting. I much prefer the old west, modern cities, zombie apocalypse, etc than LOTR type stuff. Phone Post

Skyrim. Get over your hatred, because its above and beyond the best open world rpg. Phone Post

^is the ps3 version fixed? Phone Post

Fallout New Vegas was better than 3, IMO, so get that for starters.

And stop being a twit and get Skyrim. Sick game. You'll change your mind.

I too disliked assassins creed. So dull...

Yossarian -  ^is the ps3 version fixed? Phone Post

 yes, the memory issue was fixed along with a few other tweaks.

Open world, for ps3, I would suggest infamous 1 & 2.  I prefer 1, better voice acting and storyline pacing.  2 has slightly better game play. 

You also should not give up on the assassin's creed series,  I suggest you skip 2 and jump straight to brotherhood.  very well made and has a ton of things that are good twist ups to the daunting nature that was the first title.

 Arkhum Asylum is great at $10 pre-owned and the rest of the series is just as incredible, a must own IMO.

The ICO and Shadow of the Colossus Collection

Deamon Souls - fantasy monster slaying, maybe a dragon...  its a must own and not like skyrim at all.  also cheap as shit right now.

Red Dead Redemption - you were right to consider it.  another great game.

play AC 2 and everything after. great games Phone Post

The first assassins creed is boring, but the others are good.

Anyway if you liked fallout 3 you should get fallout new vegas, its a great game.

I was never into the "wizards and monsters" fantasy type stuff, like you.
But I decided to give Skyrim a try.
Easily one of the top 5 games I ever played.
And Red Dead is another top 5 for me, so we share some tastes in gaming.
You should really give it a try.
In fact, I bought it on PS3 and then bought it again for PC after building a new rig. Phone Post

New Vegas. I just finished replaying fo3 and jumped right into NV. Going to not be an ass this time around. Phone Post

Play the Mass Effect games Phone Post

Dead Island was great. I loved it.

It got a bit of a bad reputation for being a little buggy but it really isn't that bad, it's totally playable and actually a lot of fun.

I would recommend Dead Island to anyone. Phone Post

Mass Effect series is pretty badass although it might a little to linear for what you are looking for.

Dead Island is okay, if you have no interest in a storyline its pretty good, gets repetitive though. I platinum'd it though so it might be because of that it got repetitive for me.

Saints row 3 was pretty fun too, i piled it up for like $15 and it was definitely worth more.

Mass effect 3 was awesome, online coop was great and if you needed help on any of these games send me a PSN Message (if you even play ps3) to "Milli" Phone Post

borderlands for sure Phone Post

Dark Souls.

Seriously. Phone Post