Help me spend £3000 ($4000)

OG, I won £3,000 in a digital strategy essay competition from a professional body.

The winnings have to be used for 'career development' purposes.

I work for a big consulting firm as a digital consultant. Most of the work I do is design strategy/UX design (apps, websites, web portals).

How do I spend this £3,000? I have to provide receipts for the expenses. But I CAN do shit like pay for flights and accommodation to a digital event.

Thanks OG. I know you've got my covered. Phone Post 3.0

I saw a gofundme today where a guy is asking for money for him and his chick to goto a basketball game. Want me to send you the link? Phone Post 3.0

Buy computers

Sell said computers



Great ideas so far guys.... But I was thinking more training programmes, conferences, VR stuff. Phone Post 3.0

You said VR stuff...

Buy tickets/accommodations to some conference in a city where you can get hookers and blow?? Phone Post 3.0

Instead of wasting it on a conference see if you can get 1:1 coaching with someone you admire in a related discipline. I recently got to do two weekends working with people doing sculpture in the film industry (design). Awesome experience.

Digital hookers and digital blow.

Anyone else? Phone Post 3.0

Buy a nice suit and a brand new mac?