Help me talk him out of steroids

Without going into too much detail about who wants them or why I was his first choice as a source for a controlled substance, I've got a buddy who wants me to find him steroids. Now, I've got no problem with people using them INTELLIGENTLY, but when someone just says "Hey man get me a bottle of steroids" I don't think he's as educated on the subject as he needs to be.

I pointed him toward the steroid forum on t-nation and told him to read up on them for a while first but he "know(s) a guy who used to take them when he played football so he knows his stuff". I'm trying to keep him from growing breasts, pickling his liver, or killing himself outright but he doesn't seem to care to do any research. If you guys know of any short, clear, concise articles or studies on the subject that I could forward to him I'd really appreciate it.

Steroids used in a non intelligent manner can shorten his life by decades. He can also risk having his testosteron production shutdown for life. So he can look forward to a future with erection problems, strength of a 13 year old girl and depression

Oh and 80% of people who post on those steroid forums are clueless. For some reason the american forums really like to advise beginners to use mega doses for optimal effect

Tell him to take Gamma-O or something similiar that increases testosterone.

Bro, how about you just don't buy them?

I haven't, but I don't want him to think I'm just stiffing him and I don't want him to get them from someone else. He doesn't know what he's getting himself into.

Make up a lie that the recent batch of steroids shipped into the US has cyanide in it and why risk his life?

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It sounds like your friend is a stubborn dumbass.

You can't save people from themselves, unfortunately. You can choose not to help them self-destruct, though.

"once u start using steroids, you will likely always use them as long as you are wokring out"

Not necessarily true...I did two cycles back in 99-00, and haven't since. Not trying to just prove you wrong by using one example, but I've known several people who did 1-2 cycles and stopped(for various reasons). Part of my decision to stop was getting half of a shipment caught by customs, and not wanting to end up in jail over it.

Also decided I didn't need to be any bigger than I am.

i know two guys who are under 25 who have to use Viagra when they go off cycle.

Nuff Said.

My second cousin's neighbor's ex-girlfriend's college roomates' dentist's dog walker's personal trainer only did one cycle, therefore all drugs are safe.

both of these need the viagra because of the steriods they abused for years. Its sad. Thier young bodies dont even produce natural test any more.

Whats your reason for needed? What medical condition?

Needing steroids? He doesn't need them, he just wants them. I think it's dumb.

"both of these need the viagra because of the steriods they abused for years. Its sad. Thier young bodies dont even produce natural test any more."

The only thing viagra does is increase the bloodflow into the penis. If you dont have a natural testosteron production then viagra would be worthless since you wont feel horny for it to work