Help me with a new greeting

Every single morning when I walk into work there is a guy that stands there and greets me. Not just me. He greets everyone, of course. He's always so happy when he greets people, but I never have anything to say to him. I feel like I should have a few different greetings that I can rotate between. But I'm always like "hey dude" like a fucking bitch. I don't want this bullshit in my life anymore. Can you guys stop fucking around and help me out GOD DAMN IT!

Wot u looking at dick nose.

That should make him happy. Phone Post 3.0

How about different languages

English – Hello in English is Hello – no point repeating that really but figured I might as well start with the obvious
Ukrainian – Dobriy den
Spanish – Hola
French – Bonjour
Russian – Zdravstvuyte
Portugesel – Olá
Dutch – Hallo
Danish – Hej
German – Guten tag
Estonian – Tere
Italian – Ciao
Slovak – Ahoj
Basque – Kaixo
Bulgarian – Zdravei?te
Icelandic – Góðan dag
Hungarian – Jó napot
Greek – Geia sas
Lithuanian – Sveiki
Croatian – Bok
Czech – Ahoj
Luxembourgish – Moïen
Macedonian – Zdravo
Bosnian – Dobar dan
Belarussian – Zdravstvujtie
Finnish – Hei
Norwegian – Hallo
Swedish – Hallå
Polish – Cze??
Maltese – Bonjour
Romanian – Salut
Serbian – Zdravo
Slovenian – Živjo
Georgian – Komentari
Turkish – Merhaba
Welsh – Helo
Latin – Salve
Yiddish – Sholem aleikhem
Albanian – Përshëndetje
Armenian – Barev Dzez
Frisian – Goeie dei Phone Post 3.0

Sup, nigga Phone Post 3.0

Tell him to go fuck himself Phone Post 3.0

Zippy dippy... I'll suck yo dicky... Phone Post 3.0

Top o the mornin to ya Phone Post 3.0

Ignore him until he stops putting you into a situation where you're asking other people what you should say to him. Phone Post 3.0

Tried MayorPirkle's suggestion this morning and it totally bombed. Need more ideas.