If anyone has got any good pointer on how to slap on the triangle.. Please let me know. For some reason i have a tough time getting into quick enough. Any pointers how i can get into quick and make it just as brutal. I must be doing something completely wrong. Please let me know

With gi or no gi?

with gi...sorry

omaplata then spin for your triangle or double armbar and usaully they pull an arm out,or check out to learn the rubberguard techniques.

Hi bro,

I love triangles! The way I really started to get a feelin of the triangle is when I watched a tape of the best triangler I've trained with. It was a tape of a competition in LA, he would simply hold both sleeves, pull hard and just slap the triangle....Your legs are very relaxed, it is quick move too (like a cobra lauching)! You have to feel it...That is how I started to feel the move...the diverse set ups were easier to apply after I got that feeling..then you can work on your timing and stuff. Try it on somebody who is light and not strong...Then you can perfect your move with details (hips up, etc...) Go experiment and then we can go on with more details...I'll never forget that day I learned the triangle (5 mns of tape!!)sorry if it is not a detailed explanation...from the heart though!!! hope it helps


Thats an awesome response... thanks man

Speed will come with practice.

How I like to get a triangle--

Overhook his right arm with your left(with gi-feed his left collar to your left hand with your right hand to make tight). Place your left foot on his hip/ground. Grasp his left wrist with your right hand and pin it to his chest. Throw your right leg over his left shoulder(still pinning his left wrist), with your left leg push and pivot your hips (counter clockwise). Now shoot your left leg up and over your right foot, at this point I will normaly release his left arm and reach up and pull my right shin down. Once the triangle is "locked in" you can release his right arm or hold it, if he attempts to lift and pull out I sweep him to his right shoulder by pivoting my hips futher counter clockwise and reaching with my right and and under hooking his left leg.

Normaly I dont need to pull his right arm across but you may want to.

Just remember- speed could equal sloppyness, continoue to keep tight and smooth and slowly increase the speed

you ok?


ttt to see if he can sink it now :)

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