Help me write the screenplay for "Sex Guy" the movie

So I have never written a screen play.

How do we do this and start shopping it around?

If we sell it and make lots of money I will buy this forum and hang out with Kirik all day and report about our adventures via every possible type of social media.

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The list of characters is basically this.

  1. Sex Guy
  2. Wife number 1
  3. Wife number 2
  4. Mistress
  5. Gay boyfriend number 1
  6. Gay mister
  7. Me - 5th business.
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Sounds suspiciously like my Detective Fuck series

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I hope that we can get Kirik to play the family lawyer.

Except this is good. Yours is fucking dog shit.


Look, just admit that you stole your idea and I won’t sue.


Dude, you’re still doing this?


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Dont leave yourself out gay guy #2

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I think the screenplay should be “based on true events” in case we have to alter anything.

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YOU CAN STILL STOP! We can help you

Frustrated Clint Eastwood GIF

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So we start off with Sex Guy married to wife #1 and living in the house with her.

He works at a family business but has a trust that pays him on top of his salary and no access to the business money.

He and wife have one kid. (Let’s get some OGer to play this role and we can CGI him)

He asks me is he can rent and live on my boat for the summer while he figures his life out.

Wife number one is unaware of the problems about to come and he gets by the asked the 5th business character what is going on and everything starts to unwravel.

Shhhh, don’t give away the twist ending

This isn’t even funny where are the poop jokes?

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Also, his was written by a virgin and CC is a literal lady killer.


Excuse me I’ve porked more chicks than you’ve ever met in your life. They were all fat but still.

That’s where the poop goes…

I don’t discriminate on gender.